Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 Spring Kit Proofs

Just back from the folks at Champ-Sys are our 2010 Willamette University Cycling Club kits. Colors are the same as our race kits so feel free to mix and match.

We wanted a simpler, cleaner design, with less fuss than our race kit. Though we have certain hurdles with the race kit, mainly sponsor space, this club kit gave us free reign over our design process. As you can see we have a proprietary club logo used on the chest. The back features the familiar WU Bearcat face, and chain ring behind it.

The bib shorts feature the athletic script that adorns so many of WU's varsity sports (someday cycling) on the back panel. The sides have our club logo, but that's about to change, so stay tuned.

Changes have been submitted, though we might have to do them in house as it is quite difficult to convey to someone halfway across the world the minute changes we have in mind. We've deleted the "Willamette" from the back of the jersey, and added our company logo to the mix. We feel both the shorts and jersey should be finished after this final edit.

Please feel free to post feedback, we're open to any and all suggestions!

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