Saturday, January 2, 2010

CG Spring 2010 Clothing Designs!

Happy 2010 Everyone.

Here is a breif dossier about our company, please feel free to copy and paste all you like. Followed by several pre-preduction designs of our kit and accessories.

Introducing Cyclisme Gallant.

Cyclisme Gallant official press release

Hi there,

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce to you a new cycling clothing company run by three current Willamette students: Cyclisme Gallant. CG clothing offers tasteful style and a way to show Bearcat pride on the bike without the garish look of “pro” race clothing.

Who are we?

Cyclisme Gallant is the brainchild of three Willamette University students: Brendon Gallant, the founder and an MBA candidate 2010 (WU BA '08); David Davidson, class of 2010; and Stephen Moore, class of 2012. With only three employees, CG is a small student-run business. We’re bringing a fresh perspective to world of cycling clothing by making the clothes that we actually want to ride in.

What is Cyclisme Gallant?

CG is the solution to a problem that all of us cyclists eventually face. Picture this scene: you’re meeting a few close friends for a beautiful ride on your favorite back roads. It’s not a race or a club ride, and team kit seems inappropriate and maybe even “trying too hard.” Sound familiar? It just doesn’t make sense to cover yourself in sponsor logos for a half-hour cruise. But that’s where your problem lies: the only Willamette University gear previously available was the same race-cut sponsor-covered kit worn by the collegiate team at races. And while wearing the team-issue race kit is a great way to show support, Cyclisme Gallant clothing keeps the focus on Willamette with a clean style that looks great for any ride – not just for competition.
CG offers clothing that blends the modern, Europe-inspired aesthetic of race-wear with the crimson and gold pride of your alma mater. As such, a CG kit will look great whether you wear it to race, to train or to lounge.

All levity aside, we hope you’ll take a look at our latest designs. We’re a local Oregon business run completely by Willamette students, and whatever your style of riding, we’d love to supply the clothing that you look forward to wearing.
-CG Staff