Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 Spring Kit Proofs

Just back from the folks at Champ-Sys are our 2010 Willamette University Cycling Club kits. Colors are the same as our race kits so feel free to mix and match.

We wanted a simpler, cleaner design, with less fuss than our race kit. Though we have certain hurdles with the race kit, mainly sponsor space, this club kit gave us free reign over our design process. As you can see we have a proprietary club logo used on the chest. The back features the familiar WU Bearcat face, and chain ring behind it.

The bib shorts feature the athletic script that adorns so many of WU's varsity sports (someday cycling) on the back panel. The sides have our club logo, but that's about to change, so stay tuned.

Changes have been submitted, though we might have to do them in house as it is quite difficult to convey to someone halfway across the world the minute changes we have in mind. We've deleted the "Willamette" from the back of the jersey, and added our company logo to the mix. We feel both the shorts and jersey should be finished after this final edit.

Please feel free to post feedback, we're open to any and all suggestions!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Willamette University Team Kit 2010

Here is the 2010 race kit for Willamette University in Salem, OR. CG has a prototype on the way for the Willamette U. Cycling Club kit. The styling will be a bit more mild, albeit reserved in comparison, but I guarantee you will love it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

CG Spring 2010 Clothing Designs!

Happy 2010 Everyone.

Here is a breif dossier about our company, please feel free to copy and paste all you like. Followed by several pre-preduction designs of our kit and accessories.

Introducing Cyclisme Gallant.

Cyclisme Gallant official press release

Hi there,

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce to you a new cycling clothing company run by three current Willamette students: Cyclisme Gallant. CG clothing offers tasteful style and a way to show Bearcat pride on the bike without the garish look of “pro” race clothing.

Who are we?

Cyclisme Gallant is the brainchild of three Willamette University students: Brendon Gallant, the founder and an MBA candidate 2010 (WU BA '08); David Davidson, class of 2010; and Stephen Moore, class of 2012. With only three employees, CG is a small student-run business. We’re bringing a fresh perspective to world of cycling clothing by making the clothes that we actually want to ride in.

What is Cyclisme Gallant?

CG is the solution to a problem that all of us cyclists eventually face. Picture this scene: you’re meeting a few close friends for a beautiful ride on your favorite back roads. It’s not a race or a club ride, and team kit seems inappropriate and maybe even “trying too hard.” Sound familiar? It just doesn’t make sense to cover yourself in sponsor logos for a half-hour cruise. But that’s where your problem lies: the only Willamette University gear previously available was the same race-cut sponsor-covered kit worn by the collegiate team at races. And while wearing the team-issue race kit is a great way to show support, Cyclisme Gallant clothing keeps the focus on Willamette with a clean style that looks great for any ride – not just for competition.
CG offers clothing that blends the modern, Europe-inspired aesthetic of race-wear with the crimson and gold pride of your alma mater. As such, a CG kit will look great whether you wear it to race, to train or to lounge.

All levity aside, we hope you’ll take a look at our latest designs. We’re a local Oregon business run completely by Willamette students, and whatever your style of riding, we’d love to supply the clothing that you look forward to wearing.
-CG Staff